Promising startups are hard to find.
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here, the ones behind

We both “broke into tech” by looking to join a cool startup on the Y Combinator job board and worked together at one for about a year. We quickly realized there are many more great companies out there. We built this app to make it easy for anyone to discover cool startups to join. We aim to curate new companies and jobs every week.

How do you decide which startups to add?

We use public info from sources like Crunchbase and LinkedIn as well as private info from founders and operators to help validate.

Can I pay you to feature my company?

No, none of the startups we curate have been paid for.

How can I add more details to a company page?

If you see something off, write us at with the company URL in the subject line and what data should be updated. We’ll review and fix it as soon as we can.

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